The Problem with Fences

Fences are meant to separate people, land, and animals.Fences separate animal from connecting with other animals. Many people think that livestock fencing is mandatory and its the only way we can get the resources we need from animals.I for one think its not necessary to trap an animal in order to get resources from that animal. Im not trashing the idea of livestock fencing, I’m trashing the idea of trapping an animal in a small area. Dont get me wrong fencing does have its uses like preventing a person from entering an area where they’ll be in danger or stopping someone from entering your private property. But it just shouldn’t be used to stop an animal from roaming around like they are meant to. There  many farms now a days that let animals roam around a large area. This is something i support and believe in.



2 thoughts on “The Problem with Fences

  1. Interesting view perhaps, there should not be any “private property” because that segregates those who have stuff from those that don’t!


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