Love Deprived

Here in the world we are deprived of many things, some people more than others. I was lucky enough to grow up with a half of a loving family. When my dad was a child his dad died, so his moms attitude changed for the worst. His mom was never the kind of person that showed love towards others. So as a result he never showed us, his children, love. He supplied us with everything we needed but never love and support, My mom was always there for the both of them. As a child i needed a lot of love and support because i was an extremely shy kid with not many friends. My mom was always tried to encourage me, but i alway though my father didn’t love me because he never showed me he did. I feel that directly affected the way i am today. If i knew that both my parents loved me i would have seen the world in a different light. I thought that since my dad, my own father didn’t love then no one else would. To this day i find it hard to show love and compassion. I see this happen mostly with my friends and family. When they say i love you, i find it hard to say it back. I have no idea why. And i can’t open up to then, but i guess thats a whole other story.



2 thoughts on “Love Deprived

  1. When I was growing up i felt the same. It wasn’t until I went to college that I really saw the contrast between me, a child of a single parent home, and my roommate who grew up with both parents who were active in her life and fairly attentive. My father and i are very similar. We tend to sit back and watch rather than actively experience. That can make it hard for me at times to really be present in the moment. While i was in college, i determined to change that if I could. I prayed a lot about it and when put in a situation that called for a hug, a kind word, ect…I did what came to mind and prayed it didn’t look as awkward as it This, me blogging and commenting on this very personal post, is a testament to how far I’ve come in five years. It takes a little work but you can get there too.

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