The Real Problem in Rio

Water,such a vital element, yet we never appreciate it. Most people who live in a first world country never really appreciate things like water. When i was growing up water was always there when i needed it, and it like that for many people, but not everyone. Recently i talked to a woman that came from Rio de Janeiro only a few months before. When you think of Rio you think of the beaches, the statue of Christ, World cup 2014, and the Olympics. You never really think about the people who live there for generations. The woman i talked to told me how she was forced out of her home simply because she lived close to where the Olympic buildings were being built. Since she lived in poverty the city didn’t want to tourist coming to the olympics to see the real Rio. Most people from her village left to go somewhere else, but when her family didn’t leave her water supply was cut off. She then had to walk for miles just to get water. She then decided that her family would be better off if they just left. It really sickens me that the city of Rio is wasting so much money on things that will only benefit a few rich people rather then wasting the money on their citizens that need that money more than anyone else.



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