Frightening Island

Islands terrify me. Who wouldn’t want a vacation on a tropical island? Yep, me. One thing that terrifies me about islands is the island sinking. I know what your thinking, highly unlikely but with the water levels rising everyday it could happen.  Theres a conspiracy theory that i read that apparently many people believe which is that global warming is not real and it was made up by the government. Crazy i know. But if you do believe in global warming then you are must likely aware of what it is doing. Another thing that terrifies me of islands is the sea animals. Just like another beach islands have barriers to stop animals like sharks from coming into the shore. But an island is surrounded by water and animals. Ive never been on an island before but i hope that in the future i will overcome my fear and spend time on a island.



3 thoughts on “Frightening Island

  1. When I checked the daily prompt and read “Island” I had more or less the same thoughts. How islands scare me (I am mostly an indoor person) but I switched my perspective a bit later. However, I find it interesting someone writing about what I had in mind first .
    You can check my article as well, if you like 🙂


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