The Most Terrifying 5 Minutes Of My Life

So today when i woke i had the choice of writing a post or enjoying the day here in Miami. So like most people would do, i decide to enjoy the day. So we spent the day at the beach, and then we went back to our hotel in Downtown Miami. Like most people her in the US do on the 4th of July we went to see some Fireworks. And as i watched the amazing fireworks and heard the popping noise i was thinking of what i would post the next day. Never in a million years did i think i would be posting this. When the fireworks ended we went to go see the free concert happening in Bayside Miami. As we were nodding our head to the beat we started to see people running. People were all saying and screaming different things that we had no idea of what was really going on. But as we put two and two together, we came to the realization that there was someone with a gun. So we then immediately ran for our lives. As we ran the only thing i could think about was calling my mom. (i came to Miami with my aunts family and my brother). part of me was thinking not to call her and worry her, but another part of me was thinking that if these moments are really my last then i want to tell her that i love her. I haven’t always been the nicest to my mom and i don’t tell her i love her nearly enough. I finally decide to call her. So i did and i told her we were fine and not to worry. Then we finally got to the hotel with our hearts beating, tears coming down our eyes, and our minds lost. We still don’t know what really happened and if anyone got hurt, but the only thing one my mind right now is getting the hell out of here. All thats happening right now, not only here in the US but all around the world really make me depressed. Today was a day to enjoy the independent of this once great country, but instead some idiot decides to take a gun somewhere families are enjoying a day they thought was going to be a good one. I believe there is good people in this world, but they are running out quickly.


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