The Return

So I decided to take a break, not only from blogging but the internet. See I spent the entire first halve of 2016 on my computer, phone, and tv. my schedule was like this- school, computer, sleep, repeat. I wasn’t in a very good mental, to put it nicely. Summer came around and I had the idea to start a blog for many reasons. So I did and I found myself happy, something I hadn’t been in a while. And then I started getting lazy. As much as I tried to keep the commitment I made with myself to blog at least once a week, I couldn’t. Once that happen I decided to take a break from all of the internet, social media, and tv. my phone was pretty much useless. Giving up texting was by far the easiest because I’ve never been much of a texting kind of person. Giving up my computer was a whole other story. The first month, which was august was easy. I had more free time in a week than I did the first 6 months of 2016. then it was September, and what happens in September, school. I rarely had any free time, once I finished my homework and chores, I got such a large temptation to watch tv or sleep. I just didn’t have enough energy to do anything productive. That month of September I found my self missing soccer and blogging. I used to love soccer, I played from age 3 to 14. when I turned 14 I just stopped playing soccer, I can’t explain why I did it, I just did. The month of September I got depressed again. Part of me really wanted to go back to blogging, but I didn’t want to make a promise to myself that I wasn’t going to keep. Near the end of September there was a day where I just cried, for no reason at all, I just couldn’t stop. thats when I knew I had to change something. So I decide to start blogging again. I needed a way to share my feelings. I am going to try to post as much as possible,but not too much that it starts feeling like a job rather than a hobby. Im limiting my self to only 2 hours of tv and computer now. I am going to try really hard this school year, not only to improve my grades, but also my mental state.


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