Are you a nemophilist?85

Ever since we were little kids we were told that trees are vital for our existence, but now a days we seem to forget that. It is impossible to know the exact number of trees ever cut down,  but last year alone there was 15 billion trees cut! Thats nearly double the world’s population! Don’t get me wrong cutting down trees can have its pro’s, but think of the con’s. Think of the amount of animals loosing their shelter.

I encourage you to go outside and plant a tree, just like I did. Last summer I took a road trip and T was amazed to see all the trees being planted. Sure, they will probably be cut down in a few years, but they can do good to the environment now. See when a tree is cut down it can no longer absorb carbon dioxide . And that results in large greenhouse gases reaching the atmosphere.

So go out and plant a tree, theres already lots of schools, communities, and people just like you doing it! And go visit a National Park, you might become a nemophilist!



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