The Real Problem in Rio

Water,such a vital element, yet we never appreciate it. Most people who live in a first world country never really appreciate things like water. When i was growing up water was always there when i needed it, and it like that for many people, but not everyone. Recently i talked to a woman that came from Rio de Janeiro only a few months before. When you think of Rio you think of the beaches, the statue of Christ, World cup 2014, and the Olympics. You never really think about the people who live there for generations. The woman i talked to told me how she was forced out of her home simply because she lived close to where the Olympic buildings were being built. Since she lived in poverty the city didn’t want to tourist coming to the olympics to see the real Rio. Most people from her village left to go somewhere else, but when her family didn’t leave her water supply was cut off. She then had to walk for miles just to get water. She then decided that her family would be better off if they just left. It really sickens me that the city of Rio is wasting so much money on things that will only benefit a few rich people rather then wasting the money on their citizens that need that money more than anyone else.



Love Deprived

Here in the world we are deprived of many things, some people more than others. I was lucky enough to grow up with a half of a loving family. When my dad was a child his dad died, so his moms attitude changed for the worst. His mom was never the kind of person that showed love towards others. So as a result he never showed us, his children, love. He supplied us with everything we needed but never love and support, My mom was always there for the both of them. As a child i needed a lot of love and support because i was an extremely shy kid with not many friends. My mom was always tried to encourage me, but i alway though my father didn’t love me because he never showed me he did. I feel that directly affected the way i am today. If i knew that both my parents loved me i would have seen the world in a different light. I thought that since my dad, my own father didn’t love then no one else would. To this day i find it hard to show love and compassion. I see this happen mostly with my friends and family. When they say i love you, i find it hard to say it back. I have no idea why. And i can’t open up to then, but i guess thats a whole other story.


The Problem with Fences

Fences are meant to separate people, land, and animals.Fences separate animal from connecting with other animals. Many people think that livestock fencing is mandatory and its the only way we can get the resources we need from animals.I for one think its not necessary to trap an animal in order to get resources from that animal. Im not trashing the idea of livestock fencing, I’m trashing the idea of trapping an animal in a small area. Dont get me wrong fencing does have its uses like preventing a person from entering an area where they’ll be in danger or stopping someone from entering your private property. But it just shouldn’t be used to stop an animal from roaming around like they are meant to. There  many farms now a days that let animals roam around a large area. This is something i support and believe in.


Who I am and why I’m here

So I have been debating whether or not to start a blog for the past few months.I finally decided to start a blog to get my voice heard because I’m not exactly the most confident person out there. I don’t have just one topic I’m interested in writing about, but rather several topics. Some of these being the struggles of being socially awkward, the journey of being a teenager, the corruption and injustices in the United States, and my personal opinion on current events a happening all around the world. I don’t have a specific audience I’m hoping to connect with but rather anyone who has experienced the same things and or is interested in reading another person’s point of view. But most of all I’m starting this blog so my voice can be heard, i don’t want to be the kind of person who keeps everything bottled up. If all goes well then I’m hoping that in the future someone will look forward to reading my post and that my voice will finally be heard!

The Phenomenon that is Prophecy

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines prophecy as a statement that something will happen in the future. Psychiatrist and Neurologist have yet to understand the phenomenon  of prophecy. Many people believe that God is guiding a person to achieve their prophecy, but that all depends on whether you believe in God. Other people believe that the Qur’an predicted many events before they happened. For those of you that don’t know the Qur’an is, its the central religious text of Islam. There’s many different theories on how a prophecy is delivered and it all depends on what you believe in. I don’t think science will ever figure out the truth behind a prophecy mostly because prophecy is not accessible to the scientific method, therefore it is not an object of science.